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Sažeci / Summary

An Interview with Oliviero Toscani

Olivero Toscani, a world renowned photographer and the creator of numerous advertising campaigns, visited Zagreb in May and delivered his seminar “40 Years of Photography and Market Communication”. We spoke to him right after the seminar, and in an interesting conversation we wanted to learn more about technological achievements in photography. However, we also learned a number of details from the artist’s life. According to Toscani, technology has to be utilitarian. Technology is cold, it makes people lazy and it destroys creativity. He believes that creativity can be developed if a person believes in themselves and has courage to express their opinion.

Justification of Equipment Investments

In previous issues of CroPrint magazine we made comparisons of equipment and have observed calculations showing which machines will give the most cost-effective print. In this issue we answer the question whether it is at all feasible to invest into equipment. When to invest into equipment and what to take into account? First of all, one has to be aware that buying a print press without Computer-to-Plate device leads nowhere – it does not enable competing either with price or with quality. Investing in a large press also means buying lots of paper, plates, ink and other materials. The essence of investment is being able to pay leasing installments; and if this can be done by one shift, the investment could be justified, but the second shift capacity should also be sold.

Machines, Equipment, Devices
Man Roland Hrvatska

MAN Roland Croatia represents RYOBI, a producer of printing press equipment. RYOBI series 520 models are known for their constant and high quality prints of various order, their cost-effectiveness, reliability and user-friendly handling. RYOBY series 524 HE is targeted toward one-sided print, and its rich standard devices include semi-automatic plate changer, transport table with belts, electronic and mechanical detector of double sheets, Ryobi inking program, PCS-J dashboard, central lubrication and devices for manual registry adjustment. This is usually built into much more expensive machines, and puts this machine among best buys in its range.

Machines, Equipment, Devices
EFI Auto – Count DMI – Advanced Production

EFI is a computer integrated production data colleting for all kinds of print and post-printing and finishing machines. EFI software is specially designed for the printing industry and enables fast access to information needed for everyday running of the printing business, as well as information important for strategic and business decisions. EFI Auto – Count DMI program is sold in Croatia by Grafik Zagreb.

HDR (High Dyamic Range) Photography

During the picture taking process, photographers are often faced with a problem of different light levels on various scene components. Such scenes make it very difficult to measure and determine the picture taking elements (shutter speed, diaphragm opening, film exposure index or sensor light sensitivity levels...) provided that detail visibility in shaded and lighter areas is satisfactory. When a picture is taken using film cameras, the problem is somewhat less present then with digital cameras. HDR is a series of techniques that enhance dynamic scope in comparison to classical methods of picture taking, and one of those techniques is tone mapping. Photographs created using this technique have 16- or 32-bit representation scale for individual halftones, which is much more compared to classical techniques. That means that pictures taken using this technique will be able to satisfy the requirements mentioned above.


Packaging Festival Selected the Best

Organised by Tectus d.o.o., Zagreb, The Institute for Packaging and Graphic Arts Industry and magazines Ambalaža and CroPrint, the 4th CROPAK awards ceremony for best packaging on the Croatian market, was held at Plitvice Lakes from May 17 to May 19, 2007, under a new name – FEST.A CROPAK. The packaging festival consisted of the international symposium “Flexoprinting on Packaging”, CROPAK awards ceremony, an exhibition of nominated designs, and an exhibition of equipment and technological achievements. More than 200 designs were nominated for CROPAK awards in eight categories. CROPAK OF THE YEAR was awarded to the best packaging of a Croatian product/series. The expert committee rated Jamnica d.d., Zagreb as the best out of the nominees for its Jamnica 1 litter mineral water bottle with coil cap and split-box cradle for 2 x 6 bottles. 

Intergrafika 2007

From May 29 to June 1, Zagreb Fair’s Pavilion Number 5 was the site of Intergrafika, 19th International Printing and Paper Industry Fair. A total of 215 exhibitors from 24 countries took part in the fair. In an interview with Ms. Katja Luka Kovačić, Director of Zagreb Fair, we learned that this fair fulfilled the expectations and that there is some advancement in comparison with last year. Both exhibitors and visitors are mostly satisfied, but they also pointed out some ideas for change.


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