Exhibition "Buttoned-up by Scotch Tape" - overview 2012 -2014


Educational-promotional project
"Packaging – product – consumer – environment protection”


After four very successful exhibitions of dresses made from packaging materials "Buttoned-up by Scotch Tape" held 2012 in Zagreb (Croatia), 2013 in Belgrade (Serbia) and 2014 in Sarajevo (BiH) and Ljubljana (Slovenia), displaying dresses made from packaging materials of well-known brands from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia and designed by renowned designers from those countries and seen by more than 600 000 consumers, we are preparing:

5th jubilee exhibition of dresses made from packaging materials "Buttoned-up by Scotch Tape"


 Avenue Mall

November 14th – 28th 2015

The aim of this project is to inform and educate the consumers on packaging and its functions, importance, labeling, methods of disposal, etc. By describing the product, attention will be drawn to its characteristics and interaction with packaging.

Through this exhibition in the shopping center and through numerous media activities, the issue of importance of rethinking the packaging and packaging waste disposal is brought to wider public, promoting usage of packaging in a different creative way at the same time. Through a design challenge and a breakthrough into the packaging materials field, special attention is drawn to the need of high level of rethinking the packaging from that aspect as well.

Media partner, radio station Totalni FM, with it's intensive media activities will bring these issues closer to a wider public - consumers. It will include:

  • 100 radio jingles broadcasting within two weeks
  • Facebook educational quizzes 

There will be also some additional events held during the exhibition (the best dress competition, award to the luckiest voter, etc) with the aim of emphasizing the importance of packaging as an inseparable part of a product.

The dresses will be designed by:
•     Zoran Aragović (Byte My Style)
•     Marta Buzolić
•     Martina Herak
•     Matea Jukić (Croatica)
•     Iva Karačić
•     Mirjana Klepić (Jamoi)
•     Ana Kujundžić
•     Marina Lacković (Larie)
•     Ivona Martinko
•     Daliborka Puž / Kristina Kovačić
•     Adrijana Subotić Pjajčik (Etna Maar)...



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